Global Professionals FAQs

What is the difference between a traditional worker and a Global Professional?


Traditional workers go overseas primarily to be church planters and typically do not have full-time vocational jobs.  Global Professionals also go overseas primarily to be church planters but are also employed full time and have a vision to use their employment in church planting.  Both can be full members of Pioneers and part of a church-planting team.


Will I need to raise support?


Global Professionals are not necessarily required to raise financial support. Some need or choose to raise support in order to cover the cost of Pioneers membership, services and health insurance.  Also, members will need the prayer, care and accountability of their sending church.


Do I have to have a job before coming to Explore?


No, you do not need to have a job before coming to Explore.  Explore is a week-long training event in Orlando where you come to get to know Pioneers.  We encourage people called to be a Global Professional to attend Explore before they commit to an overseas job.  This will allow time for preparation and any training that is needed before departure.  If, however, you already have a job, Pioneers will work with you to facilitate timely training consistent with the start of your position overseas.


How do I find a job?


Pioneers is developing a network of secular placement agencies that can assist you in finding a job.  In addition, many multinational companies advertise opportunities online.


If I join Pioneers are there constraints on where I can get a job?


A focus on teamwork is one of Pioneers’ core values, and the team provides support and accountability.  For this reason, the Global Professional will need to live and work close to an existing Pioneers team. 


What level of experience and education is needed? Is seminary required?


As with positions in the US, your ability to get a position overseas will likely depend on your experience and education, and many countries will require a master’s degree and 3-5 years of experience in your vocation. Pioneers will not require a certain level of education or experience and does not require seminary, though you will need to demonstrate a proficiency in core Bible knowledge before leaving for the field.  If you don’t have formal Bible training, one option is to complete a series of self-paced courses online.  You may, however, have a job which starts before you are able to complete Bible training, so this requirement may be waived or deferred on a case-by-case basis.


What training will you require?

Global Professionals receive training from a number of sources.  First, your sending fellowship may have requirements, including some that should be completed prior to joining an agency.  Pioneers requires Global Professionals to attend a week-long event called Explore alongside traditional workers.  Additionally, Pioneers requires a week of training called LAUNCH before the appointee departs for the field. This week will cover church-planting strategies, effective team building, and secure technology practices.


What if I'm not ready to go for a couple of years?


If you believe that you are called to be a Global Professional our team would love to talk to you about how best to use the next few years to prepare for going overseas.


Do I need a sending church?


A Global Professional, like a traditional missionary, will need to have a sending church. This is a body of believers who approve and endorse your service with Pioneers and complete a reference form on your behalf.  Being a sending church does not mean they support you financially, though this may be the case.


Can I get a salary from support donations to make up shortfall from my salary at my job?


A Global Professional will get the majority of their income from their job.  There are places where there are not jobs that will pay a living wage for an American.  In these cases the Global Professional can raise support to make up for the shortfall.  This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Is there a monthly fee to be part of Pioneers?  


Traditional workers are responsible for an administrative fee of 12% of all received donations.  There is a minimum of $180 for a single and $350 for a couple or family.  Since Global Professionals are supported primarily by the salary from their position, they are responsible for the minimum admin fee.  Pioneers recommends that the Global Professional speak to their church about contributing to the admin fee.   




Does Pioneers provide insurance?  


Pioneers requires that you have insurance that covers you and your family in country and in the US.  If your employer does not provide adequate coverage, Pioneers will require you to purchase more.


Can a Global Professional go for one year?


At Pioneers if someone goes for less than one year, they are part of the Venture program.  We suggest you investigate Venture as an alternative.  


What is the process?


The process to be appointed is the same as for traditional workers, and the appointment and orientation process is similar.  The main difference is that there are sessions during Explore specifically for Global Professionals.


Am I a Global Professional if I want to start a business?


Many of the biblical principles are the same, and starting and operating a business can be a viable pathway to church planting.  At Pioneers, however, we consider someone who wants to start a business a traditional worker (job maker). A Global Professional is someone who takes a job with an existing company (job taker).